Eastern Navigation recognises that it is our people – our employees and partners – who shape the company’s success today, and define our future growth. As such, we have a strong focus on investing in the development of our people. As an Enterprise 50 business, we strive to be an employer of choice in Singapore, and currently employ over 400 people in both on-shore and offshore roles. We take pride in our strong team of marine crew, who are given ample opportunities to develop themselves within the business. We believe in giving all our staff opportunities for advancement within the business, and maintain a competent, loyal complement of crew trained to deliver safe, reliable offshore solutions. This includes providing many opportunities for both on-the-job and classroom training, as well as rigorous training in Health & Safety.

A large number of our officers and engineers have over 20 years of experience within our company, with numerous captains having started out as junior officers or even deck crew on board our ships. Wherever possible, we promote our crew from within, to allow the crucial skills of seamanship and ship handling learnt from the years of working in offshore energy to be passed down through our company.