Eastern Navigation is committed to the highest standard of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) procedures and processes. This operational excellence applies across all activities and across all levels within the organisation.

Given the nature of offshore conditions, safety is of utmost importance. Thus, Eastern Navigation takes a dual-pronged approach:

  1. Safety for our customers by ensuring the vessels are in top condition and that downtime is kept to a minimum.
  2. Safety of all our employees both offshore and onshore, by ensuring that all employees are provided with the relevant training that allows them to fulfil their roles safely and effectively.

As a testament to our dedication to safety,

  • We maintain our own Eastern Navigation Safety Management System. This system details the processes, procedures and systems that we expect and require our crew to follow when they are working offshore.
  • Both our master of our vessels and a dedicated shore team, collectively oversee the safety, continually monitoring on-board safety, then providing feedback to our clients and our HSE team to meet safety KPIs and to further improve our processes.
  • Our safety management system is accepted by Oil Majors, Offshore Contractors and Seismic Operators worldwide, and is audited by ABS.
  • We build and operate equipment that is intrinsically safe, without any compromise in quality. Our vessels are fitted with reliable equipment from industry-leading vendors, and are sought after for their ability to work safely through variable weather.
  • We provide continuous training through our in-house Eastern Navigation ‘Work Safe’ scheme, both in the classroom and on-board. This is to ensure that our marine crews are always aware of the environment around them, and develop the skills to operate safely and effectively.
  • The Eastern Navigation Safety Management System complies to, and, in many cases, exceeds the requirements laid out by the ISM Code, ensuring our vessels comply with the latest safety directives worldwide.

In addition, Eastern Navigation is also committed to protecting the environment throughout all our businesses. Our fleet of vessels is designed with the environment in mind, and adheres to the highest environmental standards.